The following are not permitted at CCA Cattledog trials:

  • Inappropriate language or conduct directed at the judge, trial secretary, timekeeper, course director, or any other trial official. The handler may be given a warning from the judge, course director or trial management. Handlers may contact the course director in a courteous manner for a clarification of a rule or the accuracy of a score sheet in a timely manner that does not interfere with the competition.  The maximum penalty that a judge or course director may impose is single run disqualification. 
  • Inappropriate language or conduct directed at fellow event participants or spectators.  All competitors and CCA members are expected to show exemplary sportsmanship at all times. An allegation of improper use of language or conduct toward participants and/or spectators reported within twenty-four (24) hours of the occurrence will be investigated by the CCA directors and appropriate penalties imposed.
  • Attempting to aid by coaching or distracting another competitor while they are competing. A person attempting to aid by coaching or distract another competitor will be given a warning from the judge, course director or a CCA director. Failure to comply after the warning may result disqualification or other penalty. If the individuals providing aid to a competitor are not themselves a competitor, they may be expelled from the current event and/or banned from future events.
  • Tampering with or attempting to alter competition livestock, the draw, and/or trial course facilities. The CCA directors will investigate allegations of tampering with the livestock, the draw, and course facilities and impose appropriate penalties.
  • Inhumane treatment of dogs or livestock on the trial field or grounds.

Penalties for violations may include a warning, the loss of points, disqualification of specific run, expulsion from the event, forfeiture of all entry fees and prize monies, voiding of membership privileges, and/or any other sanctions deemed appropriate the CCA Board of Directors.  Every effort should be made by the CCA Board of Directors carefully investigate and consult with all parties involved in each case prior to imposing penalties.


Adopted by the CCA Board of Directors March 10, 2016

Lyle East, President